ArriveCAN Canada – Important information

  • ArriveCAN Canada is mandatory for all arriving travellers
  • The ArriveCAN health declaration must be completed within 72 hours of your intended arrival in Canada
  • Canada allows travelers to complete the ArriveCAN health form entirely online
  • Confirmation of completing the ArriveCAN form is sent to travelers via email in PDF format
  • Travelers completing the ArriveCAN health declaration must provide basic information regarding their personal and contact details, travel to Canada, vaccinations and health status, any Covid-19 test or quarantine details (if applicable )
  • You do not need to travel to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate to complete the ArriveCAN Canadian Health Declaration application process

What is ArriveCAN for Canada

The ArriveCAN Health Declaration is an online form that must be completed by all travelers planning to visit Canada during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The ArriveCAN form requires you to provide details of your intended travel to Canada, personal and contact information, vaccinations and current health status. Additionally, some travelers may need to provide details about their Covid-19 test or quarantine in Canada (if applicable). The Canadian Government allows travelers to complete the ArriveCAN Health Form online, without the need to visit an Embassy or Consulate. After completing the ArriveCAN Health Form, travelers receive a confirmation in PDF format directly to their email address.

Who needs to complete it

The ArriveCAN health form must be completed by all travelers planning to travel to Canada during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Canadian government provides exceptions in very rare cases. Failure to complete the ArriveCAN Health Declaration may result in refusal to enter Canada. Please ensure you complete your ArriveCAN declaration within 72 hours of your visit to Canada to ensure adequate processing times and to receive the necessary confirmation in PDF format via email. Your ArriveCAN declaration is checked by customs officials at every border point, including when visiting Canada by land, sea and air.
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ArriveCAN Canada – Requirements

Travelers who wish to visit Canada and complete the ArriveCAN health declaration must meet certain requirements, including having:
  • a stable internet connection
  • an active email address
  • vaccination certificate
  • a Covid-19 test (if applicable)
  • a quarantine plan (if applicable)

How to fill out the ArriveCAN Canada form

The ArriveCAN Canada form can be easily filled out online by simply providing your personal information:
  • Personal details
  • contact info
  • Details of your planned trip to Canada
  • Vaccination status
  • Health state
  • Information about Covid-19 testing (if applicable)
  • Quarantine plan (if applicable)
The key to receiving your ArriveCAN PDF confirmation quickly is to provide accurate and correct data when filling out the online application form. Providing incorrect information may result in denial of entry to Canada. For this reason it is important to double check the data provided
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What happens after you apply

Once you complete the ArriveCAN health form with the required information, the Canadian government will begin processing your application and issue a confirmation in PDF format. Confirmation in PDF format of completing the ArriveCAN Health Declaration is received by travelers via email and must subsequently be presented when crossing the Canadian border.